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Leak detection

Leaking water pipes can occur almost anywhere - from within the newest homes, to the smallest gardens and the tallest buildings. The challenge of finding and fixing leaks never ends.

How much water are you wasting?

Fixing leaks saves water and money.

You can lose a few litres of water an hour from a slow dripping tap and thousands of litres a day from a constantly running toilet.

If the leak is from a hot water pipe or a pumped water supply, you'll also be facing a significant energy cost.

That makes fast detection and repair even more important.

We're responsible for the meter on your property, but the property owner is responsible for all other pipes and fittings that connect to our water network.

The meter typically has an isolating valve next to it. This is commonly called the 'meter tap'. This helps when we need to replace the meter, but it also stops the water supply if you need to fix a leak in your home.

What should you do if you find a leak?

If you have a leak, call a licensed plumber. 

If you can detect a leak using your meter but can't locate it, a leak detection specialist will be able to help. 

Did you know, if you had a leak, Sydney water will review your bill if a licensed plumber fixed it.

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